photo series with interview transcript, 2020

"Die Frage is mir jetzt zu komplex. Ich hab da jetzt keine Lust drauf zu antworten"
In the night of the 20th to 21th June in 2020 there have been riots in the city of Stuttgart. This has been the external motive for this work. The internal motive was my concern about these riots. Concern can mean that someone is involved in something, or that someone is acceted by something. But Concern can also mean someone is dismayed and bewildered by something. The riots in Stuttgart has involved and affected shops in my immediate neighbourhood. It seemed as though Stuttgart shared a feeling of consternation - me, too. Politicians talked about bewilderment and yes, the destruction was astonishing but more astonishing was how properly and soon the signs of the destruction were removed. A futher debate on why happened what happend and under which social circumstances one finds himself trashing shop windows would not emerge. The work shows, those who were concerned didn‘t want to keen seeing themselves as concerned. Instead the photographs as well as the statements of the ones working in said shops, when I posed the question of what happend, document a return to normality. I can‘t say if it‘s the wish to undo, the quick oblivion or the indifference talking - it‘s not concern.

"Ich kann da jetzt nichts ohne die Filialleitung dazu sagen."

"Ich hab keine Ahnung, ich war gar nicht da."

"Da hab ich keinen Plan drüber."

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