Installation with five video works, as presented in former Galerie LeBeau Brussels, 2022
Filmstill of the video 'Where to Stake a Claim'
Filmstill of the video 'Architectural Reveilings'
In "Urban Illusions and Cosmic Delusions," a collection of five interconnected video artworks, the juxtaposition of earthly struggles and grandiose cosmic ambitions takes center stage. These videos delve into the fraught interplay between terrestrial territories, lunar dreams, and the architectural settings that both shape and reflect our aspirations.
In 'Where to Stake a Claim' Vintage footage from 1980s San Francisco envelops viewers in the origins of Dennis Hope's Lunar Embassy. Set against the vibrant streets and architecture of the era, the video immerses us in the very surroundings that gave rise to Hope's audacious lunar land claims.
The video 'Washington's Embrace' unfolds with a drive through the avenues of Washington, D.C., while the narrator performs a speech by Donals Trump, launching the Artemis Space Exploration Program. The urban panorama that envelops the momentous declaration mirrors the intertwining of political power and celestial aspirations. By immersing us in the clean architectural grandeur of the capital city, the video invites reflection on how urban landscapes shape and amplify the dominant rethoric in political speeches. 
The two personal narratives woven through the collection echo within the architecture of individual lives. One video takes us through the journey of a house purchase, interlacing familial dreams with urban environments that inspire a better world for the descendants. Another narrative, captures the romantic gift of lunar land by a fiancé to his love, purchased of course with the help of Dennis Hope's Lunar Embassy. 
In 'Architectural Revealings', as the narrator's voice embarks on a philosophical journey, the screen shows a series of stark images—architectures of space exploration companies, modern yet tinged with brutalist undertones. This architectural choice, seemingly inspired by a blend of modernism and intimidation, stands as a stark reflection of the power dynamics at play in the cosmic race.

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