installation, performance, videodocumentation, here: videostill, advertisement and videopresentation, 2021
In the context of the exhibition 'Speculative Futures' two fellow students and I founded the collective Gorillaz Girls. At the core of our artistic work was the question of what uptick transformation of that, what we call 'work' could look like. 
The acknowledgment of invisible care-work, the public appreciation of soft skills, that are claimed implicitly but not required or payed explicitly, flexible hours while fair payment, .. all those are well known demands and present in the current political climate. 
But also in this political climate, the generating of consumer demands by skilled marketing leads to ever new systems of systematic exploitation. The emerging of the Gorilla Company, founded in 2020, is an exemplary showcase for that. 
During the opening hours of the exhibition, my fellow students and I offered a delivery service for visitors and pedestrians. The service had been beforehand advertised widespread via social media, posters and business cards with our delivery number. One could order everything (including an open ear, a shoulder) without being charged a surcharge for our services. Though as we think, some of the visitors distinguished the implicit problematic, the commands just wouldn't end - one dystopia can mean another's utopia or the cold beer at the right time. 

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