series of serigraphy horror posters, 2023
Featured within the chilling ensemble curated for the horror movie poster exhibition, I present the serigraphy print titled "Einsiedlung". The print derives from a filmnegative and depicts a quaint house nestled beneath the Rosensteinbrücke in Stuttgart. This house, one of a trio originally intended for space-efficient living post-World War II, emerges as a poignant symbol of the middle-class dream, promising comfort, security, and the cherished ideals of a peaceful existence.The architecture of the bridge's arches and pillars morphs from supportive structures into an entrapping cage, confining the once-idealized home. The juxtaposition of the house against the bridge, introduces a sense of foreboding.It teases out the absurdity of a middle-class dream that, despite its inherent promise of fulfillment, finds itself ensnared by the very constructs meant to elevate it. The horror inherent in the piece is not one of jump scares or monsters but of the human psyche, evoking discomfort through the dissonance between the expected and the actual.

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